Who is actually calling the shots? Democracy is the motto, the United States has preached its success. On paper, inscribed into our history are the words “We the People” written on our constitution. What does that mean exactly? On July 4, 1776 Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and many other well-known names in our history came together to sign the Declaration of Independence. The very reason these men did what they did in these times were to break free of corrupt money seeking leadership, looking out for only those who bring wealth and power to the table. In my blog I want to enlighten those who have never fully understood the depth of money influence in the political word. How the flow of money has infected the conformity of todays society. Media coverage is everywhere, by the media standards today the country as a whole has resorted to just a hand full of mainstream media outlets. I want to expose bias coverage and favoritism, and help put together some of the pieces that most readers don’t bother to research or put together. It is not an easy task and most of the media will give you just enough information to keep you vaguely informed. This vagueness is where they are able to persuade views. Follow me if what I have to say catches your interest, comment, critic, it is all welcome!



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