Last time I talked a little about the money in politics, and who is actually calling the shots so to speak. Well it all starts with lobbying, but who are these people exactly? Well they can vary from legislatures, individual voters, and businessmen. The lack of regulation and altogether oversight of this has created almost like a monopolistic hold over a variety of areas beneficial only to the wealthiest corporations in the United States and even the world. Businesses have taken over, accounting for nearly 95% of the lobbyist employed today. So just a simple break down of the process that is in place. How does an individual come to hold a seat or office in government? They have to get elected and to do that it takes money, of course there are all different levels so I’m going to talk in context of presidential elections. To travel across the U.S. campaigning, advertising, all of the working parts of the campaign has to be funded to the T. So, corporation A has a new idea to make money but there are a few minor setbacks that can be fixed by tweaking existing laws or passing new ones. This is where corporations hire lobbyist to will and deal, have the right conversations with the right people. The salary of a local politician at the local and even a seat holder in the House or Senate doesn’t make the kind of money it takes to pursue a presidential election, so of course he or she is going to say what they can to ensure an endorsement. Its kind of like an unspoken investment or gamble, donating the could or couldn’t pay of but when it does it can pay BIG. There isn’t always and agreement the fact that the amounts of money that is being thrown around by these corporations, nothing but owed favors is going to come out of that situation. Off the top of my head the biggest influence would be the tax code, the cuts and breaks that are given to the multimillion and billion dollar corporations.


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