Trump Train vs. GOP

This election cycle is one for the ages, leading the head of the Republican party is Donald Trump. Everyone knows the name and it’s not the name of a career politician. Yes he a billionaire businessman who has had many major contributions to political campaigns. Right now I’m not getting into that, for the moment I want to focus on the bias coverage across the board. The GOP has been very outspoken about the differences in the party and Mr. Trump, but as a party they can only get the word out to a certain extent…This is where media steps in, for months we have watched the majority of report after reporter attacking the Trump campaign, critiquing every last word. You see media has mastered blurring the line between fact a comentaion. It’s very easy to take a short clip from a speech, cut the clip and pursue building a story and narrative to go along with it. Using harsh loud headlines followed by opinionated coverage of reporters that instructed to take the story in specific directions. This is just one tactic that can be used by these media corporations.



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