Word Prompt of the Day


Buddy in the world of politics can have different meanings. Growing up most kids have their best friend, their buddy that they do everything with. Your buddy is someone you go through thick and thin with, even though sometimes they may not be right. In politics to accomplish anything politics have to find common ground with groups and individuals that you have similar views with, some more than others. This also included individuals outside politics, like lobbyist of BIG businesses of course. This buddy system and the importance of wealth in politics has created a cycle tailored to the liking of the very wealthiest. Buddy in politics and buddy as i talked about as a child are different in some ways but also the same. I would say that the stakes are quit higher when talking about politics, but sticking together through thick and thin whether its right or wrong sadly is still very true in these relationships. I read an article recently about the Rupert Murdoch, who is the CEO of Fox News. In the article it talks about the views politically of Murdoch and how strong his views are to the right, which is fine unless you have the resources and means to sway outcomes of elections. The article also gives a look into his financial contributes in the 1990 election cycle. In that election cycle he donated over $300,000 dollars total to Republican PACs and party candidates. So just tell me, with money fling around like that what do you think is expected in return?


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