Makes Me Think…

So as I continue to search for articles to connect the swirl of politics, money, media. The Clinton name just continues to pop up, I don’t want to come across as one-sided but I think it is the prime example of what can happen in a system like this. Anyone who follows politics or doesn’t pretty much knows that Hilary Clinton is being investigated for issues dealing with emails, and investigated about the Benghazi attack in 2011. There was coverage yes, but the questionable part is the amount of coverage in relation to the importance of the topic. Well lets just compare the media coverage of Clinton’s scandal versus the Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin trial. We all can remember countless footage of the trial, media commentary about the case on a loop it seemed like. For Hilary though we don’t see that, from any outlet really. Yes, they do bring light to the topic but the substance is never there. In my own opinion media coverage to an extent on such high-profile cases takes the fairness out of the trial for both the victim and suspect.


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