December 4, 1993 at 6:05 A.M. I was born at ECM in Florence Alabama. I grew up in a small town where I started and graduated from Brooks high school. I was very fortunate as a kid, both parents have been present and still are. Raised in a comfortable middle class home, neither of my parents attended college. My dad was very lucky to land a job in sales, worked his way into the top-tier of field agents. Both parents even though raised in less fortunate standard are both very conservative.

Growing up like most other kids politics was the least of my interest, i was to busy play sports or whatever not worrying about the influence this would have on my life in the future. For the most part I did the same that most others do and follow in line with the views and beliefs of my parents. Which isn’t a bad thing, but that changed a little as i grew older and when i got to college it changed a little more. Now I would still consider myself to be in line with my parents, but I would exactly call myself a conservative.

Sometimes I feel like the way I talk about politics is very untraditional than how most would express their view. Media outlets like I have explained in my blogs have taken control of the masses. They control the context and perception of every event that takes place and have the say on what is “relevant” or “irrelevant. A few years ago I started taking an interest in politics. As I started exploring the internet I really couldn’t believe some of the things I uncovered. There is so much going on in the world and technology has revolutionized the speed in which that information travels. At the same time it also clouds the lines between commendation, facts, opinions ect. Media has been monopolized by satisfying the public with limited and information with catchy titles, video, repetition, and other distracting tactics. I view things today very differently than others, this blog is my way of spreading my opinion and open the eyes of others who don’t see or hear the important issues that could someday transform this great country into what we have tried so hard not to become.